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An Ounce Of Prevention Can Make A Lifetime Of Difference!


Healthcare can oftentimes feel messy or confusing and it can be difficult to make the most informed decision based on the information that you’re given. Our solutions allow individuals and their treating physicians to personalize healthcare and supply the provider with additional resources that allow them to most effectively educate and treat their patients.

CANCERDetecting Pre-Cancer Conditions
Detecting Pre-Cancer Conditions – Cancer genetic testing (CGx) targets the most important genes associated with breast, colon, pancreatic, gynecological and melanoma cancers.
HEARTDetecting Possible Heart Problems
Mutations associated with inherited cardiovascular diseases and sudden cardiac death can be detected through our exhaustive Cardiac Genetic Testing.
DRUG INTERACTIONSFinding Possible Drug Interactions
PGx Testing uses a patient’s genes to find how they will respond to a medicine or a combination of medicines and identifies their potential unique sensitivities.

Detecting Problems BEFORE They Arise!

Wellife genetic testing services offer a measure of preventative care to identify certain risk factors to cancer, heart disease, and medication response and interaction. You can take the guesswork out of your current and future health for longer life and better wellbeing. To learn more about our genetic testing services and see if you qualify to receive a test, please click below to fill out our No-Cost, No-Obligation complimentary risk assessment.

Preventive Health Services

Our Mission

Known as the Wellife Way, is to make a difference in individuals’ lives by providing them and their physicians access to the best available wholesome and productive solutions aimed at personalizing healthcare, strengthening the healthcare system, and enabling people to look younger, live longer, and feel better.

Our Vision

To empower individuals with knowledge, diagnostics, and products so they can make well-informed, sometimes life-changing, decisions about their health, and to provide our seasoned professionals with smart, relevant solutions for enhanced patient care and practice profitability.

Our Promise

May you live a Wellife! We’ve assembled a team of highly diversified, seasoned professionals who analyze and continue to assess the ever-changing healthcare and wellness landscape—with the best interest of the end-user in mind and while looking for the most proficient solutions to the most pressing questions. We don’t have an “agenda” and aren’t pushing our platform.


Genetic testing has very real possible benefits to an individual and potentially their offspring’s future health conditions regardless if the outcome of the genetic tests are negative or positive for a possible gene structure or mutation. The results of a genetic test can offer a feeling of relief from the ambiguity of not knowing and enable someone to make a knowledgeable decision about properly handling their personal health care.

Preventive Health Service for Heart, Cancer, Drug Interaction Everyone is different

My father died with a heart attack and I have always worried if I am at risk. Genetic testing for potential heart problems gives me a sense of relief to determine my future health issues.

Phillip Paul
Preventive Health Service for Heart, Cancer, Drug Interaction Everyone is different

Multiple members of my family have died from cancer and it has been a real worry for me. With cancer genetic testing I can know my potential risks involving cancer.

Lila Gonzalez
Preventive Health Service for Heart, Cancer, Drug Interaction Everyone is different

My mother had a severe reaction to several drugs she was taking. By utilizing genetic testing for possible drug combinations that could hurt her, her doctor can now make changes to eliminate future problems.

Susan Blackwell
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